Thursday, March 19, 2015


Retail tales. Get it?

So at my counter, we are trying to re-train our customers.  For the most part, the people I deal with are great. The one exception are the "party girls." These are the people that come in solely to have their makeup done for an event, and who have no desire or intention to purchase anything. Many of these girls have been doing this for years, and the majority of them come frequently enough to know exactly what formulas and products that they want. I realize that we do makeup and that we enjoy doing makeup. None of us would be in our field if we didn't. I will be the first to offer to sit someone down and demonstrate a technique, or just give someone a sprucing up! That being said, at the end of the day, we are retail employees, responsible for making sales goals.  In order to cut down on the amount of free makeup we are doing, we are tailoring our questions and our verbiage to start to give broad (and some fairly direct) hints about our services, and potentially weed out the repeat offenders. 
This new strategy has led to some amusing interactions. This was one of my favorites from the past few weeks. 

Setting the stage:
Two women, early 20's, approach the counter on a Sunday evening.  I am standing and cleaning with two of my co-workers. We have about 1 hour before closing, and are not terribly busy.  

me: "Hi! What brings you ladies out and about today?"
T: "We want our makeup done"
Looking at them, I can see that they have foundation on, but nothing else. Noting that I say, "ok. What are your plans for tonight? How much time do you have?" 
"We're going out. We just want our makeup done." F is looking at lashes, and T is staring at me while saying this. 
"Fun! Let me get you started, then I can do your friend after," I say, guiding T to one of the chairs. "What made you decide to come in to see US tonight?"
T looks at me. "I just want you to do my makeup."
At this point, I'm feeling sassy. I smile, giving my best Stepford face. "Sure! Did you want to buy lashes and get them applied, too?"
T replies, "No. We aren't buying anything.  We just want you to do our makeup for this party tonight."
Ah. I get it. "At this counter, we like to tailor our appointments to something we can show you that's new.  What techniques have you been struggling with? What do you want to learn? Or what kind of product were you wanting to try?"  
T squints at me. "There isn't any technique that you can teach me. I know everything that you could possibly try to show me.  I know its free to get our makeup done. You just need to do it, ok?"
Now I'm well and irritated.  Ninja time. "Oh ok! It sounds like you are pretty much an expert. I really want this to be worthwhile for you. Like you said, we can't require that you go home with any product, but I want to make sure you go home with something, even if it's just knowledge. There's got to be something that I can do that's different. What colors have you been wanting to try?"
"Whatever," T is getting irritated. "Do whatever you want, I just don't want to do my makeup at home. I figured you would want something to do tonight so I came in here."
I smile, "Of course! What colors do you want me to use? Reds, greens, what has been your struggle to use in your shadows at home? I will use that on you tonight to show you how to succeed with your makeup next time!"
I've done it.  T stands up. "Come on, F! This is too much f*cking work.  We're going."
"Oh, bye then! Have a fun night!" I call after them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adventures in exploration

So I decided that every month I wanted to try one new thing. Something that should challenge me. Something that I KNOW is good for me, and that will maybe make me a little healthier.
I read about all these people who have great things going for them, and do great activities, and I realized that I have mastery over very little. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing--I know that there is always someone better, and/or another level to strive for--I can't think of anything that is really my "thing." I want to discover what I might want to try and practice in my life. 
This months adventure is going to be Bikram yoga,  aka hot yoga, aka crazy-me thought she was fit and could perform athletic feats in a sauna and wanted to try a SINGLE class but only found a 30 day membership, so of course I'm going to go more than once, cause why waste the money yoga.

If you can't tell, the first class was killer.  I am currently sitting on my couch, 3 hours after the class, slowly feeling my muscles tighten up, and fighting to keep my eyes open.  During? It was like the best drug I've never had.  I was alert, super aware of all my muscles, and could feel every weird emotion, food, and stress dripping out of my pores as I struggled through the poses.  But you know what? I didn't give up.  And I am damn proud of myself.  Yes, I took a few breaks on my mat, but I didn't leave the room, and I kept getting up and trying the next sequence.  The affirmation and intention for this studio is "Support" and it shows.  I was welcomed, made to feel like I belonged, and the class freaking clapped for me before our last savasana.  I can't wait to go back, and I can't wait to figure out how to make the people in my life feel like I felt tonight.  

Wish me luck.

Friday, April 26, 2013


I have been having some motivation issues lately, and have really wanted to hibernate.  But I know that hiding is not a solution, so i am trying to think about all the things that I love so I have motivation to get out and face the world.

- The Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites.  Every damn time, they take my breath away.

- Driving around with my sunroof open in the sunshine
- Coffee
- Fresh strawberries
- Laughing with friends about the "cone of silence" and other nonsensical things until my stomach hurts
- the GIANT carrots that I overwintered in a happy accident.  True story, I discovered in my pallet garden that carrots are totally happy in the ground over the winter. I was trying to weed and prep the soil for this year's planting, and I kept pulling out these huge, luscious carrots along with the grass. I researched if this was a thing that other people had done on purpose (mostly to make sure that I wasn't going to poison myself with overwintered carrots) and most people recommend mulching the crap out of the garden to protect the carrots over the winter months, and then harvesting in the early spring.  I did not do any sort of prep work in my tiny garden when fall and winter hit, but I think that actually helped me.  The super long grass that had taken over acted as a sort of natural mulch.  I think there are going to be some happy horses at my mom's barn!

happy weekend,

Friday, April 19, 2013


Every time I looked at this today, it made me giggle.  Happy Friday, everybody.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not your time!

Today at work I spent a pretty decent length of time talking to several different women on the phone about their daughters' prom makeup and about what the mothers wanted for their daughters' experiences:

"now she is wearing a pink soft, pretty dress, and I think her makeup should be soft and pretty. she loves lashes, and a lot of liner but I want her to be special for her prom..."

"What happens if we don't like the makeup?"

"why do I have to reserve an appointment? We always buy from you guys"

"well I want someone who does pretty makeup.  Do any of your artists do good makeup?"

I know that these questions are coming from a good place, and I try to remind myself of that. I catch myself wanting to overplan and overcommunicate occasionally. But, seriously? Whose prom is this? If it is yours, I will be more than happy to spend as much time as needed coming up with a game plan for you.  If it is your daughter's prom, then how about letting her tell the makeup artist what she would like. That is why we book appointments one-on-one. This is our job, and yes, we are good at it.

Also, if anyone would like to buy me a colorful leather skirt, I would bake you a cookie. But only if I never have to see someone wearing this outfit in real life.

I don't get men's fashion. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life...and other goings on

So, haven't been great about this whole "consistency" thing, I guess.  I don't have a theme or main direction I want to go with this whole thing, so screw it--I'm just going to post and write about whatever the heck I want. So there.

Song I've been enthusiastically singing along with (until I get too tongue-tied):

No official video, so here's one that makes me smile!

My friend's SOTD (check her out, I love 'er)

Erin's SOTD: 17APR13

Till next time,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adventures in Fitness - 10 Minute Trainer

So I decided that I needed to suck it up and actually start working out. I am not "heavy" at least, not in my opinion, but I could stand to firm up a little. My go-to saying is usually "I don't run unless something is chasing me." However, I realized that if I WAS being chased, my odds of escaping were slim. ;)
I've tried going to the gym, and I can get into that habit eventually. I keep coming up with excuses not to go lately, so I wanted to start something that I would have no excuse not doing. Thus,
I am going to try for the 3 workouts a day, but if I can get only one I figure that's 10 minutes more than I would have done otherwise. And to keep myself accountable (and embarrassed):

Day one Pictures. eek. Don't I look happy? Wish me luck!