Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not your time!

Today at work I spent a pretty decent length of time talking to several different women on the phone about their daughters' prom makeup and about what the mothers wanted for their daughters' experiences:

"now she is wearing a pink soft, pretty dress, and I think her makeup should be soft and pretty. she loves lashes, and a lot of liner but I want her to be special for her prom..."

"What happens if we don't like the makeup?"

"why do I have to reserve an appointment? We always buy from you guys"

"well I want someone who does pretty makeup.  Do any of your artists do good makeup?"

I know that these questions are coming from a good place, and I try to remind myself of that. I catch myself wanting to overplan and overcommunicate occasionally. But, seriously? Whose prom is this? If it is yours, I will be more than happy to spend as much time as needed coming up with a game plan for you.  If it is your daughter's prom, then how about letting her tell the makeup artist what she would like. That is why we book appointments one-on-one. This is our job, and yes, we are good at it.

Also, if anyone would like to buy me a colorful leather skirt, I would bake you a cookie. But only if I never have to see someone wearing this outfit in real life.

I don't get men's fashion. 



  1. The other day, I was in a department store, and I distinctly remembered a conversation that ended in . . . "so do we . . ."
    You know what I'm talking about ;)
    Oh, prom season.

    1. I do remember that! Usually just about every year around this time :)